Are you thinking of a kitchen makeover?

Here at Born Again Kitchens Ltd we are experts in kitchen resurfacing, using specialist cleaning and stripping methods and only working with the highest quality two pack lacquers. This means that you can be assured that your beautiful finished kitchen will be durable, hard wearing & easy to clean for years to come. The intensive hand cleaning & stripping methods we use allows you to choose from a natural finish, colour finish or even a combination of finishes creating a kitchen that is unique to you.

Solid Wood  Kitchen Refurbishment

Using our finely-tuned restoration experience and unique, specialist cleaning & stripping methods we can bring your kitchen right back to the natural wood again and starting from scratch giving your kitchen the most durable finish possible. This means we are the only kitchen restoration company that can offer natural or colour finishes

You can choose to go one solid colour or add a second colour and give your kitchen a high end & completely unique finish.

Using two pack lacquers our expert sprayers apply up to 8 coats of finish ensuring you a long lasting, hard wearing & easy to clean finish every time.


(Kitchen finished Natural & Kitchen finished Ivory)


After Vinyl

New Oak Kitchen afterkitchen restoration

Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Refurbishment 

One of the biggest issues with modern kitchens is vinyl wrap. This is a plastic cover that is glued to the front of an MDF door. It is generally more affordable to buy a vinyl wrap kitchen than a solid wood kitchen as they are produced on mass using cheaper materials. Although affordable, vinyl wrap doors commonly fail especially in areas near heat sources and water where the vinyl starts to peel, crack or bubble.

Using our specially developed methods we can treat the issues with your vinyl doors before they are resurfaced. We remove damaged & failing vinyl to expose the MDF door, it will then be prepared and sprayed in the colour of your choice using up to 8 coats of our two-pack primer & lacquers. The removal of damaged vinyl & resurfacing the door ensures that this issue does not reoccur and leaves you with a kitchen that will last for years to come.  

A key thing to keep in mind is that going with us instead of replacing your vinyl wrap kitchen can save you thousands and leave you with a better quality finish and a kitchen that is unique to you & your home.

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